Pawleys Island: Outdoor Curtains

There’s this certain quality to Lowcountry light. It’s hard to put a finger on, but you prize it when you’re here, and you miss it when you’re not.

So when we decided our beloved Original Pawleys Island brand ought to also include outdoor curtains, the uncanny quality of the light here was foremost in our thinking when we went to select our curtain colors.

If you’ve ever been to Pawleys Island, you’ll immediately recognize in our curtains’ distinctive shades of green, blue, red, brown, black, white and beige the feeling that is Pawleys Island as well.

So hopefully, when the sunlight in your own neck of the woods strikes your own curtain choice on your own front porch, back deck or patio, you’ll feel transported, at least a little, into a leisurely Lowcountry escape!

Our brand has been around for more than a century; we don’t take adding new products lightly. So for our curtain material, we chose weather-durable, cottony-soft Sunbrella, the most established, high-performance outdoor fabric made today.

We’re proud to say Sunbrella fabric is manufactured right here in the U.S.A, in neighboring North Carolina.

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