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Outdoor kitchens add tremendous value and convenience to any outdoor space. Leverage our decades of experience to create a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen. 


Danver stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets are specifically designed and engineered for outdoor kitchens, transition rooms, rooftops, and other spaces where durability is a concern.


NatureKast has revolutionized the outdoor kitchen industry by offering the first 100% weatherproof cabinet using a technologically advanced hi-density resin system that perfectly replicates the natural color and texture of real wood.

Outdoor Kitchen


Stoll Industries has a wide range of customizable products made to add a touch of luxury and functionality to any outdoor living space.

From refrigerator drawers to beverage dispensers, every True product performs as well in your poolside cabana, BBQ center, or desert patio as it does in your indoor kitchen.

Urban Bonfire is the market leader in outdoor space activation centered around family, friends, food and lasting memories.

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to home entertainment. Preparing meals in the open air can be an enjoyable experience for singles, couples and groups of every size. Everyone understands the outdoor ambiance they can get from grilling and barbecues. The full kitchen experience takes that feeling and elevates it to another level. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can be a place for special occasions and unique memories that last a lifetime.

Top Things To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Careful planning and great foresight must go into building an outdoor cooking area. The same considerations that govern the creation of an indoor kitchen have to be considered for its outdoor counterpart. Here are ten important concerns to think about for the creation of an outdoor kitchen.

The first decision to be made is where to build the kitchen. The size of the house has a lot to do with where the kitchen will be located. Care should be taken not to compromise other major functionality such as driveways, yard space or interior views. Most people prefer the kitchen to be directly adjacent to the house. This isn’t a requirement, but it does make access easier and can make deliveries and traffic more manageable.

Since this area will be outside, the weather is definitely a factor. It matters whether the climate is too wet or too dry. If there’s a chance of flooding or accumulating ice or snow, care must be taken to waterproof vulnerable areas. Likewise, if direct sunlight can sear into stone, metal or fabric materials, these surfaces must be protected or even replaced periodically. In a similar fashion, human beings are equally at risk. Many outdoor kitchens have protective coverings. These can be permanent in nature or retractable for special circumstances.

A kitchen has to have its utilities. Gas, water and electric connections are usually needed. For each of these three outlets it’s important to consider safety. Electrical lines must be grounded properly to prevent electric shock or power failure. It’s best to have outlets covered when not in use and kept away from water and dirt to prevent accidents. Many people prefer gas for outdoor cooking, so it’s important to pipe it in safely. Water is essential for any cooking space. Easy access is important, as is reliable plumbing to prevent costly drips or ruptures.

It’s vital that the outdoor kitchen has a functional layout. There should be ample space and proper storage. The design may mimic the indoor kitchen, but it should be crafted to consider the specifics of its exterior placement. The four areas of cold, hot, wet and dry must be respected. The cold area is for refrigeration and freezing storage. The hot area is where the cooking is done. The wet space is for water use such as rinsing and cleaning, and the dry area is for food prep and distribution.

Storage is a unique consideration for an outdoor kitchen. More than anything, the food storage areas must be secure. Animals of every size and shape are drawn to the presence of food. Both the refrigerated and dry storage areas should be able to withstand animal prying, weather battering and human negligence. Appliances must be sturdy and made of the proper material. If a storage unit can’t be left outside, it can’t be a permanent fixture in the kitchen.

The lighting and mood are as important as the utilities and appliances of an outdoor kitchen. The kitchen must be well lit for all times of day and night. The light should complement the design and layout of the kitchen. If possible, the view from within the outdoor kitchen should be made as attractive as possible for the owners and guests.


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