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Fall’s cooler temperatures have returned, and winter’s cold is not far behind. What are your best options for staying toasty and warm both inside and outside your home? We offer a wide variety of product types and styles to keep your interior and exterior living spaces cozy and comfortable while giving you many options to suit your style and décor preferences.

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Gas Logs

Is there any better setting than relaxing in front of a fire? Gas log fireplaces can provide this for your home. Powered by natural gas or propane, modern gas logs produce the cozy comfort of a wood-burning fireplace with greater heat efficiency and without the mess. Today’s gas logs are divided into two types to suit your preference and needs:

Vented gas logs produce carbon monoxide, so your fireplace must have a chimney or flue to vent these gases out of your home. Giving the look and feel of a real, wood-burning fireplace, vented gas logs are ideal if you prefer ambiance over efficiency, or if you already have an existing wood-burning fireplace that you’d like to convert to gas.

Vent Free
Vent free gas logs do not produce carbon monoxide, so a chimney or flue is not needed, and the heat is more likely to remain in your space. If you’d like to add a supplemental, efficient heat source to your home and you don’t already have or want a chimney, a ventless gas log may be your preference.

We offer a full range of both vented and ventless gas log fireplace products. This includes artificial logs with many different looks to choose from, such as fresh cut, charred, glowing, stacked, and even coal baskets. You can also customize your gas log fireplace with accessories like realistic pinecones, twigs, or fire glass crystals.

Glass Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors serve multiple purposes including safety and improved heat efficiency. Hand-crafted glass fireplace doors customized to the fireplace will enhance the beauty and décor of their surroundings. We carry a wide variety of glass fireplace doors in many styles and prices to suit any taste and budget. Our styles range from traditional to modern with several styles in between, and each has a variety of finishes and accents.

Wall Panel Systems

Wall panel systems provide a beautiful way to frame and highlight your fireplace. They can also be used as accent walls in other spaces of your home. Today’s wall panel systems combine elegant styling, high-quality materials, and a simple mounting system. Material options include steel, glass, porcelain, plank wall, and aluminum (which is also suitable for outdoor fireplaces). Each material is available in multiple finishes with several mounting patterns, such as horizontal, tile, or dimensional. Optional decorative accents give you even more style customization.

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Indoor Electric Fireplaces

Do you like the look and warmth of a fireplace but want a more modern style? Electric fireplaces have come a long way in recent years, in both technology and popularity. Today’s electric fireplaces combine modern, elegant styling with high-quality craftsmanship and clean mounting and installation. Their dancing, 3D simulated flames look so realistic, you may find yourself doubting that they are electric. Advanced LED lighting lets you choose from dozens of different flame colors to suit your mood, and you can choose between a bed of realistic logs or crystals. Plus, their electric heater gives warmth to the surrounding area much like a real fire. Many styles and size options are available to fit your décor and budget.


Mounted Outdoor Heating

Outdoor spaces can be a great environment for everything from relaxing to entertaining. But when cooler weather returns, you need a way to heat your outdoor space to provide cozy comfort. Our premium outdoor electric heat systems are perfectly suited for this. Whether mounted on walls or ceiling, these systems produce ample heat with elegant styling. We offer a range of options to suit your preference and budget. Choose from several sizes, wattage capacities, mounting locations, and a collection of architectural styles and accents to fit your outdoor decorative motif.

In addition to our motif electrical outdoor heating, we offer a full line of outdoor gas heating systems. Powered by LP or natural gas and with 110V electrical ignition, these systems produce cozy, radiant warmth in a concentrated area. They can be mounted either on wall brackets or suspended from ceiling poles so you can locate them strategically for where you need the most warmth for yourself or your guests.

Portable Outdoor Heating

There may be times in which you’d like the ability to move your patio or backyard heat source from one location to another. For those situations, portable outdoor heating is a great solution. Powered by LP or natural gas, our portable heaters are more heat efficient than traditional “mushroom” style patio heaters. Enhanced by directional heating, our heaters produce comfortable radiant heat in a concentrated area with minimal heat loss due to wind.

Smokeless Fire Pits

Do you enjoy spending time around a fire outdoors, whether with friends or family or in some solitude by yourself? If so, a smokeless fire pit might be just what you need. Smokeless fire pits eliminate the frustration of traditional fires while giving you the campfire experience and a centerpiece for gathering. Smokeless fire pits are designed to produce less smoke, so you’ll have fewer stinging eyes and campfire-smelling clothes, plus they benefit the environment. A smokeless system improves airflow, leading to a hotter-burning fire and less smoke. No more shifting chairs every time the wind direction changes. In addition, smokeless fire pits are portable, so you can move them to nearly any outdoor location you choose. Our smokeless fire pit systems are available in a range of sizes and styles, from stainless steel to masonry. Optional accessories will help you customize your system, whether you are cooking for partygoers or just enjoying the company of a few good friends.

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